Brown & Blue Research and Training Presents:

Best PRactices for Street OFFICERs

December 9, 2021
3:00 pm -5:00 pm
Brown & Blue Training Facility
200 S. 21st Suite 400
Lincoln, NE 68508

This course is for law enforcement officers who want to know more about how to handle those suspects who may display the behaviors of a person experiencing Excited Delirium, including:

  • Understanding what Excited Delirium is as a medical diagnosis

  • Recognition factors for Excited Delirium and differentiation of Excited Delirium from other medical, mental health, or drug abuse related conditions or behaviors

  • Best practices for addressing a person who is experiencing Excited Delirium

  • Reducing the risk of death in an encounter



Melrose head shot.jpg
Sgt. Jason Melrose

Jason Melrose is a 13 year veteran law enforcement officer who currently serves as a Sergeant with Bellevue Police Department, Bellevue, Nebraska. He is a certified by the Institute for the Prevention of In Custody Death as an instructor regarding Excited Delirium.