Brown & Blue Research and Training Presents:

GARRITY RIGHTS and investigations

This course is a one-hour explanation of the law of Garrity v. New Jersey and how it impacts the investigation of criminal and internal affairs complaints involving law enforcement officers and other public employees

Topics covered include: What are Garrity Rights? How are law enforcement officers protected by Garrity v. New Jersey? What statements by public employees are protected by Garrity, and what are not? How does Garrity impact criminal investigations of public employees? How does Garrity impact I.A. investigations, and civil cases? What are the duties of law enforcement agencies to provide Garrity advisements? Common mistakes by Agencies that are Garrity violations and their impact on investigations. What are the best practices for agencies regarding Garrity?

Director, Brown & Blue Research and Training Group
Partner, Keating O'Gara law firm, Lincoln, Nebraska
Mr. Young is an attorney in Lincoln, Nebraska who has served law enforcement for 20 years. Young represents a law enforcement employee groups throughout Nebraska, including many of the largest police and sheriff's employee groups statewide. Mr. Young has represented more than 150 officers in critical incidents, officer involved shootings, and in several dozen grand jury proceedings.  He has also represented officers in more than 600 I.A. investigations. He is certified by Force Science® Institute as an Advanced Specialist in the Analysis of Force Encounters. 

This is an ONLINE course that can be used remotely over a one year period as time allows attendees to complete the training.  Once the attendee has completed the training, he or she will receive a certificate of completion for training record keeping purposes.