Brown & Blue Research and Training Presents:

Basics of Crime Scene photography for the investigator

September _____, 2021

10:00 am -2:30 pm

Brown & Blue Training Facility

200 S. 21st Suite 500

Lincoln, NE 68510

This course is for law enforcement officers and technical personnel who are tasked with crime scene investigation and the collection of forensic evidence through photography. will cover the basic knowledge and practices required for successful forensic evidence collection by the crime scene investigator including:

  • General photography concepts and terminology

  • Composition of images for use in investigations

  • Best practices for the storage and processing of images that are evidence 

  • Successful collaboration with other Case Investigators

  • Proper reporting practices for the crime scene investigation photographer



Brent Bockstader

Brent Bockstader is a _________ year veteran law enforcement officer who currently serves as a Lieutenant in the Investigative Services Office of the Nebraska State Patrol. He is a certified motor vehicle post-crash investigator and serves on the Patrol's officer involved shooting investigation unit.